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About company

The founder of the design and arrangement studio M Design is Magdalena Nowak, MA- the graduate of the Institute of Technology in Poznań.

The office has existed since 2010 and is situated in Włocławek.

We realise a lot of projects every year. These are small rooms like bathrooms or bedrooms as well as the whole buildings – hauses, restaurants, clinics and offices

We work in Włocławek and above here but we also realiseprojects in the rest of Poland – Warsaw, Gdańsk, Cracow and Łódź.

M DESIGN creates conceptions of private houses and public buildings trying to give tchem an individual style, retaining to rules of ergonomics and combining using current trends and interesting technical solutions.

Magdalena Nowak - owner


"Joining a creative approach with understanding the licient’sexpectations I endavour to create the interior which is functional, simple and has a clear and modern style.

I know that thanks to my experience, knowledge and high standards of service I am able to cope with client’s requirements and I ensure a professional approach and complex service."

Magdalena Nowak